The Sky Realm – Episode 32 – DnD5e

May 1, 2023

Today in The Sky Realm, chaos ensues as the heist starts to go off the rails. Water is filling up the rooms at a dangerous pace.

Meanwhile the imperials are launching an attack on the headquarters of The Claw Mafia! Nobody is safe!

Here’s some background of our world:

The Sky Realm is a cluster of floating islands thousands of feet above the land of Pangaea below. Separated by a thick impenetrable layer of torrential storm clouds, these elevated islands are home to a host of nations that formed after the Great Split. At the beginning there was much peace amongst the people of the sky. But as it always seems to do with humanoids, greed and selfishness creeps in the cracks and moves in the shadows, secretly growing and amassing. So when resources began to dwindle due to lack of consistent rainfall altitude, lines were drawn and chips began getting moved by those who owned the wealth to do so.

Our story in particular begins 80 years or so before our party meet, on the Shadow Day. On This day Zach Gladius the most powerful arcane channeller in the sky created the first 40stone. A Seriliunite power gem containing enough energy fly 10,000 Sky Zephyr’s. Zach created the gem believing it was to aid the Sky Realm and it’s people to gain more consistent rainfall. But the Imperial Daimyos that funded this creation had other ideas. They used the gem to move their entire island into one of the few locations that does receive regular rainfall at this altitude. This location of regular rainfall is where The People’s Republic, the Largest city in the sky floats. Once the Imperials had moved their own island above the The People’s Republic they began collecting the rain water and rationing to those living in the city now below them. In the following years through rationing water they found they could take control of the city’s government and its people. The Imperials decided to seize The People’s Republic, sanction trade routes across the sky and try to build the second 40stone to begin expanding their new Imperium.


Tracy Kambouris

Created by HOMIE and The DUDE

World and background art – Josh Hunkin
Character art – @artofcaustic@plantpotoni
Video Editing by: Becky Moffat and Ben Bucknell
Toad’s race and class – UO Publishing

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