Constantine Plainview

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Or, to get a bunch more original content on Constantine Plainview and the entire Crew in the Mafia Crew Pack, check out the description below.

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In the GAME READY Mafia Crew Pack (Part of The Sky Realm) you’ll get Constantine Plainview along with the rest of the Mafia Crew: Don León, “City Boii” Thonk and “Uncle” Faisel. The following assets for all four NPCs are yours:


  • High Res Original Artwork of all images on transparent backgrounds, including bonus images of Don León (in attack mode) and “Uncle Faisel” (on the move). 
  • – Full Stat Blocks
  • – Biographies and Special Features
  • – Custom Playing Tokens to import into your virtual tabletop of choice
  • – Additional Printer Friendly Format for all content
  • Extra Bonus – we’re also throwing in three magical items (Don León’s Celestial Spine Cane, Constantine Plainview’s Gold Tooth of Charming and City Boii Thonk’s Knuckle Dusters) to round out the Mafia Crew Pack.
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