Nikola & Antonio Belucci

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Or, you can get a bunch more original content for Nikola and Antonio and the rest of their Crew in the Vigilante Crew Pack. Check out the description below:

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In this GAME READY Vigilante Crew Pack (Part of The Sky Realm) you’ll get Nikola and Antonio Belucci along with the rest of the Vigilante Crew: Imani Kaamil, Ólafur and Serge “The Messenger” Contreras. The following assets for all four NPCs are yours:


  • – High Res Original Artwork of all images on transparent backgrounds, including bonus images of Imani Kaamil (in stealth mode) and a diagram of Serge Contreras’ reverse-action pistol, Hermes, “The Soul Conductor”.
  • Full Stat Blocks
  • – Biographies and Special Features
  • – Custom Playing Tokens to import into your virtual tabletop of choice
  • – Additional Printer Friendly Format for all content
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