Noble Family Pack

The NPCs featured in this Noble Family Pack are:

    • Malcolm Carlisle – Sorcerer Noble 
      • Background: Malcolm Carlisle comes from a long line of lightning sorcerers. Their powers are said to have originated from an ancestor who was struck by the mother of all lightning bolts. Although this distant relative was reduced to mostly bones, he somehow not only survived but discovered he had the ability to conduct lightning as he pleased. Any descendants in his bloodline who gained a lightning scar on their chest when they came of age, also developed the ability to wield the natural forces of thunder and lightning. Malcolm has that scar. During Malcolm’s early political career he was a man of the people, trying to make his city a better place. Over time, he fell victim to the idea that power and control were more valuable than the happiness of his citizens. He now sits as a soured and bigoted tyrant who will oppress any and all to gain even more stature and power. not satisfied to control those within the boundaries of his city, he now seeks to increase his tyranny across the lands.


    • Aluma Carlisle – Ghost Noble
      • Background: Aluma Carlisle was suspiciously killed for trying to destroy a secret weapon she helped build. She was imprisoned and tortured during interrogation then publicly executed by the State for treason. Before it all went to hell, Aluma was the epitome of a triple threat. first and foremost, she was a loving and protective mother to her two children. Secondly, and before motherhood, young Aluma shone as an excellent young wizard during her studies in the Arcane Institute. Upon graduation, Aluma was carefully chosen to assist the State’s foremost artificer on a clandestine project positioned publicly to benefit the masses, but covertly created to further oppress them. Lastly, Aluma was a faithful wife to her politically ambitious husband, right up to the moment he bartered her life away in exchange for his own freedom against the concocted “treasonous actions against the State” charges against Aluma and, by association, her entire family. As a ghost with a half memory and translucent heart of pain, Aluma now wanders the lands carrying the guilt of choosing the safety of people over the care of her children.


    • Uma Carlisle – Warlock Noble
      • Background: Uma Carlisle was born to noble blood. The Carlisle Family are viewed as royals by the residents of their city. Uma’s tyrannical father and dim-witted brother are sorcerers and have magic in their veins. Uma was born with her mother’s “recessive gene” and lacked her family’s magical powers. Her beautiful wizard mother died suddenly under suspicious circumstances. In response to the loss of her mother, and because her moronic yet powerful brother is treated like the golden boy, Uma’s reply was full on rebellion in the form of piercings, tattoos and anything she could do to distance herself from her noble lineage. She made a pact with her father’s number one rival for power in the city…the Mafia Don. The mighty Don promised to grant Uma the ability to access his dark and powerful magic. in exchange, she provided him with information regarding her father and the political machinations of The Imperial State. Uma, now a warlock, aims to do all she can to see her father and those who help him govern, suffer for their oppression of the people…all the while, having a kick-ass time.


    • Maddox Carlisle – Sorcerer Heir
      • Background: Maddox is the youngest of the noble Carlisle family. Too young, in fact, to remember that his father was a prime suspect in the unsolved murder of his mother. As the male heir to the Carlisle political empire, Maddox feels the weight of succession on his shoulders. In his youth he paid heavily for this position of privilege by being a victim of his father’s unattainable expectations. The incident occurred as a result of Maddox being a slower developing sorcerer. In an attempt to accelerate Maddox’s genetic lightning powers, his frustrated father overcooked an electricity-conducting ceremony and burned the skin, muscle and bone off the right side of Maddox’s body, leaving him with severe scarring and only one arm. The irony is this event did unlock Maddox’s powers, but left him so emotionally damaged he fears using them. Maddox desperately wants to live up to his father’s expectation, and although he has spent years perfecting swordplay as a replacement for his magic, he knows when push comes to shove he could never be the same tyrannical force as his father. His heart is inherently good, just like his mother’s was. In an attempt to hide his true feelings, Maddox overcompensates with false bravado and awkward braggadocio.

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In this GAME READY Noble Family Pack (Part of our SKY REALM Setting) you’ll get Malcolm Carlisle along with the rest of his Noble Family, Aluma Carlisle (deceased wife), Uma Carlisle (daughter) and Maddox Carlisle (son). The following assets for all four NPCs are yours:. The following assets for all four NPCs are yours:

  • High Res Original Artwork of all images on transparent backgrounds, including bonus images of Malcolm (in full lightning mode) and Maddox (attacking with his “mouth and hand” fencing style)
  • – Full Stat Blocks
  • – Biographies and Special Features
  • – Custom Playing Tokens to import into your virtual tabletop of choice
  • – Additional Printer Friendly Format for all content
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