TTFC (Tabletop Fighting Championships) Board Game


Do you love MMA? Awesome, we do too! So much so that we developed the TTFC, a realistic and fun MMA tabletop game of head-to-head mixed martial arts combat where you make the decisions for your fighter to gain advantage over your opponent. Every move has a counter and it might come down to a roll of the dice. Win by FINISHING your opponent via KNOCKOUT or SUBMISSION!


The TTFC is fun for all ages and can be played by both purists and casuals. Even if you don’t know the rules and technical moves of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), our game is designed to teach you MMA terminology and show you the different MMA moves used by real fighters in MMA events. The TTFC game board illustrates all the MMA techniques as you play. And for those of you who are long-time MMA fans, you’ll appreciate the level of strategy needed to progress to a hard fought victory.


The TTFC is is available now for purchase!

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The TTFC is a thrilling fighting game that is fun for all ages and brings the excitement of a hand-to-hand combat to your living room. Choose from unique skills and abilities and engage in intense battles against your opponent. You’ll feel like you’re in the thick of the action as you perform devastating strikes, blocks, sweeps, passes, kicks and combos. 

Whether you’re a seasoned MMA fighter, a diehard or a newcomer to the sport, the TTFC offers an immersive and entertaining board game experience that is sure to keep you coming back for more. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to become the ultimate TTFC champion.

What you’ll get:

  1. 12 TTFC Sanctioned Dice (6 per Warrior) to roll.
  2. Two Scorecard Pads. One for each contestant  to keep track of how they’re doing in a contest.
  3. Two Miniature Warriors to move on the playing board.
  4. A full-sized Playing Board to keep track of all the action.
  5. Unified Rules of the TTFC, including a Quickstart Guide.
  6. Top & Bottom Position Advancement Flowcharts.

(Top & Bottom Position Advancement Charts to track your advancement to submitting our opponent)

Input from Pro Fighters:

Professional MMA, pro boxers and pro trainers from around the world helped design our MMA Board Game.

About the game:

Styles makes fights! With the TTFC you can create a mixed martial arts fighter that has an array of skills from boxing to freestyle wrestling to Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Remember, though, whatever you choose as your warrior’s strengths will make them vulnerable in other areas. Defeat your opponent by knockout or submission. Every move has a counter and it might come down to a roll of the dice. Step into the cage!

TTFC is a 2-player tabletop game for ages 14 and up that takes 5-20 minutes.  It has been tested hundreds of times with adults, children, MMA fans, non-fight fans, gamers and non-gamers.  It’s fast-moving, it’s strategic, and it’s fun.


  • Scorecards
    Customise your warrior’s Name, Abilities, Critical Success scores and Maximum Health Points (HP). Select a 3 round fight or Championship 5 round fight. Once the fight starts, track the number of Engagements; track who has Momentum, keep score of who has the most Sweeps, Passes, Takedowns and Escapes; determine Levels of Exhaustion; track Submission Attempts; score each round and, ultimately, go to the Scorecard to determine the winner, loser or ends up as a draw.

Sample Scorecard of a completed fight


  • Abilities

Assign your warrior’s abilities across Striking, Clenching, Wrestling, BJJ, Conditioning and Agility. All warriors start with the standard array of 4, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1. Assign one of these standard array scores to each of 6 Abilities.


  • Engagements 

Each player gets 4 “Engagements” per full round of combat. Engagements consist of 2 actions and 1 reaction that their warrior can perform against their opponent.


  • Actions

There are Contact Actions like Clenching, Sweeping/Passing, Slam Takedowns, Strikes and Submissions, and Non-Contact Actions like Closing Distance, Creating Space and Taunting. 


  • Reactions

With Reactions, you can apply CounterAttacks, Escapes, Slips/Dodges/Blocks, Sprawling Takedown Defense and Sweep/Pass Scrambles.


  • Exhaustion 

At the end of each round players must roll an Exhaustion Check to assess their warriors’ Levels of Exhaustion.


  • Objective of the Game

Win by FINISHING your opponent via KNOCKOUT (reducing your opponent’s Health Points (HP) through Strikes and other damage), or via SUBMISSION (advancing through ground positions to apply the submission of your choice). If neither warrior is finished, the fight goes to the scorecards for a DECISION. If, at the end of the fight, the round scores are even, the fight is a DRAW.


See what they’re saying:

Our MMA Board Game is fun for all ages and can be played even if you don’t know the rules and technical moves of (MMA) Mixed Martial Arts. Our game is designed to teach you the MMA words and show you the different MMA moves used in the real MMA events. The MMA game board illustrates all the MMA techniques as you play.

“TTFC is a fun way to experience MMA through a board game.”
– Hit the Road Games


“They did it. They’ve managed to put so much into this game, yet it’s so simple!”
– The Happy Gamer


“Does a great job of capturing the flavor of a back-and-forth MMA fight. There is a satisfying mix of different elements of MMA from wrestling, striking, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and grappling that combine to create an entertaining fighting game.”
– Future Game Revolution


“If you want a quick 2-player game that has some interesting decision space, where you’re trying to out-think your opponent, check out TTFC!”
– Board Game Masters


“I’ll give it 2 thumbs up.”
– Crazy Games


Designers: Bodhi Kambouris and Tom Kambouris

Artist: Aleksandar Kostic and Viktor Hristov

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