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- Free TTRPG supplements and Special Offers
- Exclusive "first access" to Ship Builder features

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The Wandering Tavern is a Studio Ghibli-inspired setting for your favorite TTRPGs. Forever wandering through the clouds, this giant Zephyr is shrouded in myth and mystery. The glittering hotels, fabulous gaming halls and exquisite bars hide a dark underbelly, filled with secrets, scandals, and the ever-present threat of violence.

With this island-sized airship, you’ll get an incredible 14 layer battle map, which we are currently working on to imbue with epic lore and NPCs to allow for never-ending roleplay opportunities.

If you love fantastical settings for your TTRPG game, we’d be honored if you supported The Wandering Tavern.

Our Kickstarter was created for you to customize your bag of treats for exactly what you want (and leave out the stuff you don’t need). Here’s what you can choose from:

  • Setting Overview and Deep Lore
  • As mentioned, a mindblowing 15 Layer Map – gridded and non-gridded (has there ever been a TTRPG map this big – woop!)
  • Descriptions of 23 key locations
  • 33 NPCs (15 with full stat blocks and many with original artwork)
  • 30+ Plot Hooks
  • 6 New Plug and Play Zephyrs, including The Wandering Tavern (all with full stat blocks)
  • 50 New Zephyr Parts and Stations to create your own custom airships
  • 6 New Plug and play Zephyrs including The Wandering Tavern (all with stat blocks)
  • 18 Magical Items
  • 7 Illegal Trades 
  • 13 D&D Table Recipes from pubs and eateries that exist on the Wandering Tavern.
  • 3 Downtime Games
  • 4 Celebrations and Holidays
  • 4 Unique Spirits (3 are stat blocked)
  • Awesome collaborations with some of your favorite D&D 3rd party TTRPG creators.
    • Music by Will Savino
    • Magical Items and Creatures by Shiny Press
    • Maps, Encounters and Tokens by CZRPG
    • DM and Player Masterclasses by B.Dave Walters

Kickstarter backers of The Wandering Tavern will also receive a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to our Ship Builder Webpage Application. Here’s a little sneak peek of an early prototype:

Over the past many months, we’ve shared this amazing journey with thousands (literally thousands) of people in our Newsletter of Holding and Discord. Every day our “La Familia” grows. To you all, we’d like to say, “Thank you so much!

Who are HOMIEandTheDUDE?

Our Journey so far...

Hi, we’re HOMIEandTheDUDE, and our real names are Bodhi and Tom.

Like many others during the lockdowns of the COVID outbreak, we were looking for something to occupy our time. In May 2020, we decided to start a podcast together as a Father-Son Team!

But our lives were changed forever when we started watching DnD Actual plays from Node and Acquisitions Incorporated and decided to play DnD ourselves in October 2020!

…and we decided to build our own DnD world PANGAEA, with a Sky of floating islands…

Eventually, we started to release NPCs from our family DnD game with the help of our incredible artist, “Art of Caustic”, to bring our ideas to life – starting with Triple P, Pete the Pixie Pirate Captain, on May 7th, 2021

Since dipping our toes into the TTRPG world across social platforms, the online DnD crowd has been super welcoming. On June 4th 2021, we started interviewing people from the DnD community, starting with Mark Garkusha, the amazing DM from Cast Die Podcast, now a close friend and writing partner of HaTD.

We wanted to level up our NPC creation and start adding stat blocks to the artwork and bios we had been releasing, so we got in contact with Tony, a.k.a  Gaumr of the NPC Encyclopedia, who we had been fans of for a while. From the very first phone call we knew there was something magic about our connection, even across the world. We instantly starting making content together, and now Tony is our full time writing partner. He is now filling out “The Land Realm” section of our World, Pangaea.

After interviewing Amber “The SpaceJamber” Logsdon and Sam Comerford from Roleplaying and Rollplaying,  joining Blake Francis at a UO Publishing play test table, we decided that we not only loved them but along with Tracy (the mum) and Rian (Bodhi’s best friend from high school), we wanted them all to be in our cast.
So, In April 2022, we started creating what inspired us to play DnD in the first place.. our very own DnD Actual Play Livestream: From our world, Pangaea, THE SKY REALM was born!

Since then we’ve had the pleasure of being invited onto other people’s platforms as guests, either to shoot the shit, play DnD or take part in wacky DnD gameshow hijinks…

Recently, working together with Tracy (the mom/wife), we created our first full set of home-made dice! We decided to host a giveaway as a way to thank all of the wonderful people that supported us on this journey.

As we continued to dive deeper into creating our Sky Realm setting, it dawn on us that despite having a world full of airships we had no official way to play out our airship battle fantasies. So we took it upon ourselves to make that dream come true!

Our Airship Combat System Overlay & Supplements for DnD5e will include:

  • A system of rules for dynamic combat between airships (or spaceships) of varying sizes
  • Multiple NPC Crews (with their own backstories, printable miniatures and stat blocked ships)
  • Bonus content we can’t wait to reveal further down the line

We’ll be launching this project with the help of a Kickstarter-type crowdfunding campaign in a few months time. We can’t wait to share everything with you guys when it’s finally finished! If you’d like to be part of our system development process, sign up to our Newsletter of Holding for official updates, sneak peeks and giveaways  and join our Discord for a lively discussion.

We’re also super proud to introduce you to the HOMIEandTheDUDE team we’ve assembled along the way:

Somehow, it’s all merging together and attracting a super cool community of people with similar interests. Our dream is to keep exploring these passions while enjoying our time together as father & son.

If you’re here because you love MMA or listening to, watching or playing tabletop gaming… welcome! You’re now officially part of “La Familia”!

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